Consultations with the Parish 2012 (by Theme)


–       It would be useful to have a pamphlet setting out all of the readings and newer prayers

–       Thank you for the exam Mass – it was a great idea to have the children’s names in the book

–       Non-confessional penance days are very helpful – could we have more, not just Easter and Christmas?

–       Our Mass leaflet should be improved. It should include the new prayers. The Mass leaflet in Swords is a good example of this.

–       The Lord’s Prayer is one of our most important prayers. Singing it would make more of it.

–       Could Portrane Church have First Communion and Confirmation celebrations from time to time?

–       Could there be altar servers (boys and girls) for Portrane?

–       Could there be greater participation of children in masses in Portrane, e.g. children’s choir singing.



–       Parents with young children would welcome a basket of books and colouring sheets / crayons to keep younger children entertained (and quiet) which would allow parents to be better engaged in the Mass

–       The student Mass before exams was a great success, especially because of the gospel choir – a regular gospel choir would be great

–       Young people need to feel involved in the Church. Community initiatives and activities that involve them during the summer would be a great way to do this.

–       Young people have drifted away in droves. This may be linked with the negative publicity of recent years. There are many gifted young musicians living in our community. Asking them to get involved through their     music, singing etc. would be a way of getting them interested in the Church. Their participation would bring their friends and their peers along.

–       We must find ways of making families with young children welcome in our Church so that they will stay.

–       The Church is currently in a missionary state so is there really a hope that young people will be attracted to it right now?  Good works show people the value of the Church. Young people are idealistic. Social issues and issues of peace and justice are important to them. We must show them that the church is relevant – we should join with socially concerned groups and other religious/non-religious groups who care.

–       We are focusing on how to bring teenagers back to the Church. We should also be focusing on children, especially on children at the final stages of primary school. Bible stories should be spoken about and explained in a way that is accessible to them.

–       Is the Sunday Mass the only way young people can be involved in the Church? How about a Gospel choir? The Church in Gardiner St. is full every Sunday evening because of their choir. The choir could perhaps sing on a Sunday evening. It need not take place on a weekly basis -perhaps every couple of months or so.

–       A marching band which could march in the community would entice the children.

–       There need to be Masses that are suited to young children.

–       Explain the parts of the mass as it is happening.  Young people have not had religious education in this area.

–       Have a specific mass for young adults, not just teen, post-college mid to late twenties.  Actively encourage them beforehand to participate and organise it.

–       Young Adults work during traditional mass times. Try to facilitate them or change the mass times.

–       Young people to speak at mass on what the words of the gospel mean to them.

–       Young speakers at mass

–       Make contact with feeder schools for the area and invite the young travelling from our parish to participate in their local church

–       Invite musicians on a regular basis to play at mass, the hymns that are played are not appealing to young people.




–       Discussions on appropriate topics rather than the homily would be welcome from time to time; / could we have input on what the homily might be given

–       Could we have themes and topics that would attract younger parishioners?

–       People don’t talk with each other in a meaningful way. Television may be to blame for this. We should find ways for people to meet and talk with each other.

–       A Parish Newsletter would be helpful

–       Could a webcam be installed to allow those that cannot attend Mass to view on the Internet

–       Communications with parishioners in Portrane should be improved

–       Inform us of events that are happening globally in our church,  e.g The Vatican.

–       Faith development on a regular basis.

–       Website needs to be improved, does not stand out.  Put on it prayers for the day or thought for the day.

–       Link the website to the local organisations and local schools.

–       BBC2 has a programme on Sunday Morning.  There is none on RTE.  One half hour slot at popular times.

–       50th Anniversary of 2nd Vatican Council and 20th of Catechism. Need to renew or re-educate us in our faith.


Ministry and Service

–       It would be good to invite volunteers to get organised and visit the sick people in the Parish rather than leaving such visiting to our priests (who have heavy workloads);

–       It would be good if more people got involved in Parish activities like St.Vincent de Paul, Meals on wheels, visiting the sick – there’s lots to be done, we need people to do it;

–       It would be good if volunteers could volunteer to clean the Church 3-4 times per week

–       Many people, e.g. older people who do not live local to the Church, have difficulties getting to Mass. People could offer lifts to neighbours. Perhaps put up a list of people who are willing to provide lifts.



Welcoming / Reach Out

–       It would be great if the Parish could reach out to parishioners suffering the effects of the recession

–       We need to reach out to  parishioners who feel excluded because they are in a second relationship or are gay/lesbian

–       Could a “cup of tea” be arranged after Mass to allow parishioners to chat for a while?

–       It’s important that we find ways of helping people who are affected by the recession and who need help in our community. This needs to be an obvious part of what our parish is about.

–       We need to have closer communication with our priests on a meaningful level. We must be seen to be a Church for Sinners, not only a Church for Saints. People who are not living ‘perfect’ lives must know that they are welcome in our church and that there is a place for them here. We need to display this.

–       The Church is part of the local community so we should encourage people to support local businesses and enterprises – shop local, support local farmers and other groups etc.

–       Our priests can appear to be aloof and not ‘of the people’. They need to show they are warmer and connect more with the people.

–       When there are local sporting and other events it should be mentioned in mass, the involved people could inform the Priest on  the day.



–       We have a beautiful Harry Clarke window. A talk at Mass from an expert would be wonderful.

Parish Notices

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Child Protection Policy Statement

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